Klaipėda 2030: Economic Development Strategy

The economic ambition of KEDS

Priority sectors

Strategic directions

Horizontal priorities

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  • Favourable conditions for business, investors and talents

    To provide public services related to migration, construction and service provision to businesses and investors in a quality and expeditious manner

    An effective business incubator and accelerator oriented to businesses in priority growth areas. To create conditions for attracting and retaining talent.

  • An innovative education and science system that would meet the needs of tomorrow’s economy

    To increase the competitiveness of institutions of higher education in Klaipėda by focusing on the future needs of the economy and priority areas of biotechnology, maritime and energy sectors. To adapt the pre-school and general education system to the needs of the local population and newly arrived residents

    To create an innovation-oriented education, science and business cooperation ecosystem. To develop a modern specialist retraining and up-skilling system

  • An attractive, inclusive and accessible regional centre

    To implement an ambitious urban development programme. To achieve optimal balance between international and regional transport links.

    To develop high-quality and competitive infrastructure. To increase regional and international cooperation.

The economic ambition of the KEDS


Double the region’s economy


Population increased by 40 000


25 000 new job


Salary increase by EUR 700


2 000 new companies


Higher education institution based in Klaipėda rated among the top 500 globaly


100 new FDI projects


75% of the employees work for innovation companies


200% increase in exports originating in Lithuania


Stable low (4-6%) unemployment rates


EUR 1.5 billion new FDI


400 000 accommodated tourists